In the Bailey Lab, we believe that a great science flows downhill from a great team. Kindness, respect, inclusivity, and collaboration are essential components of our ethos. We are always looking for talented and motivated people at every level of training. If you are interested in discussing the possibility of joining the Bailey Lab Team, please read below and email Dr. Bailey if you are interested. 

Technicians and staff scientists. We are currently looking for laboratory technician or staff scientist. This position has not yet been posted, but if you are interested, please contact Dr. Bailey. Competitive applicants will have expertise in flow cytometry, mouse models, tissue culture, and/or molecular cloning.


Post-doctoral fellows. Post-doctoral training in the Bailey Lab is highly individualized and tailored to the specific career goals of the fellow. Interested fellows are encouraged to contact Dr. Bailey directly. 

Graduate students. The Bailey lab is regrettably not able to accommodate rotators for the Fall of 2024. The Bailey Laboratory provides a rich and stimulating environment for graduate students and accepts students from UW-Madison’s Cell and Molecular Pathology (CMP) program, Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB) program, and Microbiology Doctoral Training Program (MDTP). Please note that students must be accepted to one of these programs before they can be considered for joining the Bailey Lab (i.e., we do not take direct-admit students). If you are interested in pursuing a PhD in the Bailey Lab, please know that interviewing with (and ultimately matriculating into) one of these programs is a requirement. A system of graduated responsibility is used by the Bailey Lab to ensure that students are properly trained but acquire increasing levels of independence as they mature. In addition to the skills graduate students will acquire in laboratory research, students will also develop skills as writers and presenters by writing manuscripts, applying for career-appropriate development awards, and presenting at international conferences. Students will graduate from the Bailey laboratory with skills in experimental design, interpretation of data, critical thinking, data presentation, and writing. Senior graduate students will be encouraged to develop their own ideas and projects that can further broaden their skills to propel the lab in exciting new directions.

Undergraduate students. The Bailey lab is regrettably not able to take undergraduate students for the Fall of 2024. We are committed to giving undergraduate students majoring in Biochemistry, Biology, Genetics & Genomics, Microbiology, Molecular & Cell Biology, or Zoology an in-depth research experience that will provide a solid foundation for a future career in graduate school, medical school, or veterinary school. This begins with observing how the laboratory functions, helping with routine laboratory maintenance tasks, and developing an understanding of the project and techniques in the laboratory. Once students have demonstrated a sustained commitment to being a part of our team; competency in multiple laboratory tasks/skills; an aptitude for intellectual growth; and an overall readiness to contribute to the laboratory’s mission as a scientist, undergraduate students will be promoted to help on projects and eventually be given a project of their own. If/when a student is promoted, they will be eligible to take UW-Madison courses for credit (e.g., Biology 152) and intern over the summer. We are seeking students who plan to dedicate an average of 12-15 hours in the lab per week for ≥2 years. During this time, undergraduate students must maintain a GPA of ≥3.5. Some prior research experience and/or foundational knowledge in biochemistry and genetics is encouraged in order for students to maximize their learning while in the lab. This is a significant commitment, but will pay large dividends for those who are truly dedicated to a career in science and/or medicine. If you are interested in joining the Bailey Lab, please email Dr. Bailey directly introducing yourself (background, motivation, future plans) and attach a copy of your transcript. To convey that you have read this website, please also include the word “FEVER” somewhere in your email!

Unconventional educational background. We are well aware that life sometimes takes unusual turns! If you have an unconventional background but are interested in discussing opportunities in the Bailey Lab, please contact Dr. Bailey directly.